Chris Brown denies he joked about beating women and releases his new video – all in one day

 Finally Chris has done something right – in the form of some fancy footwork in his new video.
He’s still off the Christmas card list though Chris is struggling to smile right now  He’s a busy boy that Chris Brown, of ex boyfriend of Rihanna fame infamy. He’s done two things he’d like you to know about today. The first is a bit tasteless, the second is a bit tasty. So, we’ll the get the messy one out of the way first. He’s been forced to deny joking about a very serious subject that isn’t funny in anyone’s world, like ever. Apparently there were some rumours doing the rounds that he’d been chatting up a woman in a Grammy gift lounge (we’re not entirely sure what that is either, but it sounds like freebies might be involved). There’s nothing wrong with that obviously, but it was claimed he used a rather unconventional chat up line that went a little something like this: “Can I get your number?  I promise I won’t beat you.”

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